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CATWALK - “Perception” 2019 Review

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Written by Georgia McConnell, Head Writer

A brilliant, innovative yet curiously underrated fashion show. Get your tickets for next year.

Fashion: 5/5

It was so refreshing to see a St. Andrews fashion show with affordable clothes and focusing on student designers. We need more of this in Fife!

Greatly appreciated the march in kilts. That came as a nice surprise!

The committee demonstrated their own personal styling by pulling together garments from charity shops around town.

Anna Jones’s tulle and Cara Edden’s phenomenal PowerPuff Girls line really showed a fun-side to the womenswear. The billowing material was very effective on the catwalk.

And where do I sign up for a pair of Demoo Jeans?? The new-It brand.

Food and drink: 6/5

I did not expect there to be food or drink included with the ticket, so this was a really nice surprise!

Scrummy yummy cupcakes and a variety of gins. Especially a fan of the gooseberry infused gin!

Décor: 4/5

The minimalist approach was cool because the hanging hoola-hoops didn’t distract from the runway. (Plus, I can imagine that there’s only so much that the Union will permit in 601).

The models entered the runway holding empty photo frames in front of their faces to emphasise the chosen theme ‘Perception’.

But if the models had jumped through the hanging hoops (or empty photo frames) then I would have given it a 5/5.

Choreography: 5/5

It was hard to tell if it was deliberately disjointed and designed to be uncomfortable to watch… especially when the boys emerged in their old Superdry granny-pants, pulling moves like the dancers from the gymnasium scene in ‘Gentleman prefer Blondes’. However the crowd politely “whooped” at their efforts to flex their muscles.

While some of the dancing was just awkward and embarrassing it was also liberating to watch.

The not-so-Cirque du Solei models redeemed themselves when they performed a backflip on a very narrow stage.

Bonus points for the sass the models quite rightly gave us when their feet almost knocked over our collection of gin and tonics and cupcakes lined up on the edge of the stage: (see below)

Committee: 5/5

Overall, a down-to-earth, passionate, hard-working and creative bunch!

I’ll excuse the committee member who mistook me for a dresser and ordered me to get backstage! (I guess it was my fault for being so early to the event).

Minus point for the committee member who excitedly took my hand to dance (however a hand that was already occupied with a drink), jumping up and down, up and down… until the drink had formed a decorative pattern over everyone around us.

Bonus point: They bought me a drink to make up for it.

Afterparty: N/A

Too drunk to remember.

Music: 5/5

A very fluid and continuous movement between sets, the music worked well with each clothing line.

One of Catwalk’s DJ’s, Ben Cross explain what influenced their set and how they choose the songs in relation to the different garments:

The first half we choose tripper, eerier tunes to give the impression of perception and surrealism, (as that was the show’s theme).

The second half we started in a similar vein to the first, but moved in a lighter and funkier direction.

Finally, we raised the tempo to create a party atmosphere, leading to the end of show and afterparty.

Catwalk demonstrates that St. Andrews fashion shows don’t need to break the bank to hit the mark.

* * *

Interview with Cara Edden:

Haute interviewed one of the chosen designers, Cara Edden, studying at London College of Fashion, on her thoughts from the show.

Having never been to a St. Andrews fashion show, was Catwalk how you expected it?

I wasn't sure what to expect from the Catwalk show initially, online it has good reviews and after the show I was definitely impressed with how well it was organised and ran for a student catwalk. I've been to other student led shows at different universities and the St Andrews Catwalk was definitely the best I've been to, the quality of the show was really good, it looked very professional and ran smoothly.

What did you enjoy/like most about the show?

I really enjoyed the range of student work shown at the catwalk, it was really nice to see other students work and it was like a celebration of students work and for an amazing cause, I love that it's for charity.

Who/or what is your biggest influence for your designs?

Colour and fun are big influences in my designs, I don't like to design anything too mundane, in a world full of serious issues it's nice to have a place to have fun and be yourself for a bit. I design for strong women and so the determination and confidence in girl power and feminism is super inspiring to me, I love that girls just want to have fun but are also strong and completely able to do whatever they put their mind too.

What do you think students should consider when buying clothes?

Students should definitely consider the throw away society when buying clothes. Too often now students want a new outfit for every event or just a new outfit for each lecture. A lot of people are guilty for still having clothes in their wardrobes with tags on or buying something and wearing it once then never looking at it again, clothes just want love, as a designer I design clothes which I want my customers to love, not throw away. It's amazing how a bit of restyling can completely change an outfit and make it look brand new!

Favourite designers?

My favourite designers at the moment have to be Mary Katrantzou, Peter Pilotto, Molly Goddard. I also love what Iris Van Herpen is doing with laser cutting and movement!

What are you working on now?

Currently I'm finishing my final year at the London College of Fashion, I'm working on my final major project collection which is currently following on from the powerpuff collaboration pieces but is more personal to me rather than based on the strong women characters behind the powerpuff girls.

This project is based on the sirens, half bird, half woman to gain the light and fun, feathery essence of a bird with their movement within flight, juxtaposed with the strong determined nature of the woman half, taking the influence of armour as the Siren's guard and protect their island, Li Galli in Italy.

What are your plans for the future?

Career wise, I'm hoping to start up my own brand. I might take a couple of years out to work for other brands and gain more experience in the industry while still freelancing under my own brand, then follow this with a Masters in Fashion Design before I start up my brand.

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